The PEMILRP course is a professional and interdisciplinary course structured to address the many industrial and labour challenges that confront the labour front in Ghana and the African sub-region. Industrial and labour disputes impact negatively on productivity. Ghana in recent times have been encountering unprecedented labour agitations, lockouts, and strikes actions in the face of the global economic crisis both in the public and private sectors. Employers, employees, and trade unions appear engaged in unhealthy labour and industrial practices. Internal industrial disputes have become very complex to handle by human resources managers and labour consultants which directly affects organizational productivity. Good industrial relations result from effective prevention and resolution of conflicts. This professional programme is therefore structured to equip participants with practical skills and tools to handle these issues to enhance the sustainable quality of work, satisfaction, and productivity in the face of these economic crises.

Programme Objectives

The PEMILRP course seeks to achieve the following:

  • To provide professional training in industrial and labour law,and labour relations in order to meet the growing demands for labour and industrial relations practitioners within the labour front in both public and private sectors.
  • The programme is also well structured for individuals interested in building a career in Industrial and Labour Consulting.
  • Equipping participants with requisite capacity in labour laws, regulations, international conventions, and relations.
  • Equipping participants with the theory and practice of human resource management and relations
  • Equipping participants with the requisite theoretical and practical skills in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as Negotiation, Mediation, and Domestic and International Arbitration to enhance their bargaining and dispute resolution competencies.
  • The main objective of PEMILRP is geared towards equipping participants with the requisite competence of putting theory into practice to achieve the desired outcomes.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission is available for Lawyers and legal scholars, Industrial and Labour Consultants, Trade Union Leaders, Human Resources Managers and Practitioners, Civil and Public Servants, Directors of Public and Private organizations, Chief Executives, Head of Institutions, etc.
  • Minimum Requirement is a Diploma with relevant working experience

Course Structure

The PEMILRP programme is structured in a blended form as follows:

  1. Mode of Training: Physical meeting and Online
  2. Practical internship
  3. Case Study and Report writing
  4. Peer Reviews
  5. Seminars on topical industrial and labour issues

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