One of our courses designed to build the gap that exists between what our traditional universities do and industry needs is Paralegal Training. Paralegal Training is simply legal education for non-lawyers. As a matter of fact one does not need to be a lawyer to have a full appreciation of the law and how to apply it in whatever he does.
The work of a professional lawyer is a career path that is open for individuals who are interested to so become, but knowledge about what the law says in order to get it right and in order to be responsible citizens is not an option.

Ignorance of the law they say is no excuse. This means that, one does not need to be a professional lawyer to have knowledge of the law that affects what he does and how he or she is governed.

It must also be emphasized that ignorance of the law is a huge cost whereas knowledge of the law saves us from infractions that sometimes plunge us into avoidable debts and sanctions. Knowledge of the legal regime, how we are governed and the various regulatory frame work that govern the bureaucracies of our system is a must know without necessarily being a lawyer. 

Leaders of organizations, CEOs of corporate bodies, board of directors of companies, do not need to be lawyers but are required to have a perfect knowledge of what the law says about what they do in order to achieve results and stay in business.

Issues of corporate governance , issues of compliance, issues of taxes are all questions of law that one needs to be familiar with irrespective of background. Management of contract, employees, that is labour, land acquisition, intellectual property law, human right issues, testate and intestate succession issues, family law, oil and gas just to mention a few, are all important aspects of our laws that one does not need to be called to the bar of lawyers to attain perfect knowledge in them. Thos who are not lawyers but who choose acquire working knowledge of the law are those who are called paralegals and they are those for whom our Paralegal course has been designed.

Over the years, we have trained many corporate leaders and business executives who are not Lawyers but by virtue of our training have had breakthroughs from their limitations as a result of lack of knowledge in basic legal principles. They are now able to analyse legal issues and engage in matters that affect their businesses in the contest of the law eloquently without fear of getting anything wrong.

Our Paralegal course has helped so many corporate bodies to reduce how much they spend on accessing basic legal services which Paralegals are able to do.

We achieve this through a continuous improvement of what we do by constant research to capture new reforms and amendments in our laws so that our trainees will always come out as cutting edge legal brains who are not lawyers but are able to engage in legal services towards their institutions, churches and communities.

We entreat you who are not Lawyers to come on board to acquire legal knowledge to do things better and without fear.

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