Tuesday, October 22, 2019

About Us

The Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies - IPLS is a registered private training and development institute under the Laws of Ghana dedicated to the development and promotion of the Alternative Dispute Resolution, Human Rights based approach to development, paralegal studies and capacity enhancement programmes in management and leadership Studies for both public and private sector practitioners.

IPLS runs public sensitization programmes on conflict and peace management as our social responsibility.

The institute was established in February, 2013 and was commissioned in June the same year. The institute’s governing council which is the highest decision making body is made up of private Legal practitioners, ADR consultants, management and leadership consultants.

IPLS is an indigenous professional institution committed to building and sustaining a reputation for quality intellectual discourse delivery in the Tertiary Education sector by providing relevant knowledge and skills that are progressive and cost-effective for our ever-growing client base. Our innovative and tailor-made approach to teaching and learning coupled with our comprehensive and results oriented teaching materials are indeed the cornerstone of our success in today’s competitive market. We are firmly established as a major link in the Tertiary education sector for the paralegal, leadership and entrepreneurial field and we strive to improve on our services in order to meet our students’ complex needs in a competitive global environment.

To consistently research into ADR practice, management and leadership studies around the world and offer practical training that would enhance the capacity of practitioners in Ghana and beyond through innovation and professionalism.

To develop and offer globally acceptable practical training courses to meet Ghana and the Sub-Region’s ADR (paralegal) and leadership needs.


  1. To contribute towards the development of Ghana’s (ECOWAS) capacity in the delivery of ADR, paralegal and leadership services.
  2. To help sensitize Ghanaians generally on how to use language skills effectively for peaceful co-existence.
  3. To provide paralegal support services for industries, Corporate bodies, Chieftaincy, Christian institutions and Law-firms through training and capacity building.
  4. To provide Consultancy services in ADR, Paralegal and Management.
  5. To hold public lecture/workshops on leadership and development.
  6. To create and sustain an excellent centre for knowledge development.

Parliamentarians, Assembly members and Opinion Leaders, The Clergy, Christian Group Leaders, Muslem Leaders, Trade Unionist/workers’ Leaders, Managers, Directors, Professionals, NGOs and Civil Society Groups.