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In Collaboration with

ADR International Register a subsidiary of Global Network Group an ISO ADR certified body (links)

Is offering internationally recognised ADR training programme in Ghana.

Programme: Professional Executive Master in Alternative Dispute Resolution (PEMADR)

 Date: 5th October to 23rd December, 2021

Time: 5pm to 8pm (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)

Mode of Training: Physical meeting

Programme Overview:

Understanding the factors that bring about conflict and acquiring skills necessary to prevent the threats that conflicts pose to human existence is critical today than ever in every human endeavour. Such being the case, irrespective one’s professional background and whatever one does acquiring knowledge of conflict resolution and its application in managing human interactions on daily basis has become the only option for sustainable development in every endeavour.

This programme has been specially designed to equip participants with the right concept of conflict and practical approaches to conflict resolution and peace making for efficient management of social partners for an unhindered result.

The programme also takes participants through the principles, processes and practices of domestic and international Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration. Designed around exercises, simulations and practical case studies, the programme provides a solid foundation on the three dispute resolution techniques in addition to addressing advanced and prevailing issues and developments in the field. Taught by experienced facilitators, participants are guided through a well-balanced training content of International and African perspectives, ensuring the content is relevant and practical.


1. Theories, Concepts and Approaches to Conflict

2. Concepts of Peace and Approaches to Peace  

3. The ADR Spectrum:

- Mediation

- Arbitration 

- Negotiation and Others

4. Conflict Analysis 

5. Overview of the Law of ADR in Ghana, Act 798 of 2010 

6. Communication Skills (Communication Skills in ADR)

7. The Practice of ADR in Ghana. 

8. Court Processes in ADR 

9. Ethics of ADR Practice 

10. Religious Mediation 

11. Legal Mandate of ADR Practice

12. Labour Dispute Management 

13. Pre-empting and Averting Labour Dispute

14. Consulting as an ADR Consultant

15. International Trends in ADR 

- United Nation Charter on Conflict Resolution

- Africa Peace and Security Architecture

- ICC Rules on Mediation and Arbitration

16. Starting an ADR Centre, the Operational Requirement

17. Customary Arbitration

18. Simulation and Role Play and Other Relevant Topics.

19. Drafting an enforceable Arbitration Clauses, Awards, Consent to mediate and Terms of Settlement

20.  Final Assessment


Registration: GHS100.00

Cost of Entire training: GHS7,000.00

How to apply: Pick admission form at:

1. IPLS Admissions Office, Resolution Zone, off Amanfrom Road, H/N. 132 Pokuase, Accra or
2. Download application form on: www.iplsghana.com and pay on submission.


Registration Centre: IPLS Admissions Office, Resolution zone 

Course Venue: 6th Floor, Oksart Place, Ring Road Central, Adjacent Ernest Chemist, Near Circle Overhead, Accra.


TEL: 0509634027, 0303960798

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.iplsghana.com

Postal Address: P. O. Box GP22356, Accra

Who We Are

The Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies - IPLS is a registered private training and development institute under the Laws of Ghana dedicated to the development and promotion of the Alternative Dispute Resolution, Human Rights based approach to development, paralegal studies, etc.


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